Robert Lindley, Attorney - HeadshotI developed my passion for law at an early age, following my older brother’s footsteps in Orange County California. We had a private general practice in Santa Ana, California where I was raised. I interned as a Public Defender in Juneau, Alaska and the Legal Aid Society in San Mateo, California. I attended Stanford University and UCLA Law School.

I then moved my law office to Oakhurst, California in 1979, preferring a smaller community. It was here that I became more community involved. I spearheaded a drive to incorporate our lovely town, our sign ordinance, and a tree ordinance. I was on the Rotary International Board, the Chamber of Commerce Board, the Ambulance Service Board, and the North Fork Community Development Board. I helped incorporate the local Chamber of Commerce, the local Realtors Association, the Senior Society, North Fork Community Development (mill site) Foundation and the Oakhurst Community (Park) Fund. I served as Public Defender and later as Judge pro tem at the Bass Lake Justice Court.

It was in 1987 that I decided my niche was in estate planning and realized that a tax background was essential. I enrolled in a post graduate course at the University of San Diego and was awarded a post graduate master’s degree in tax law known as an Ll.M. in Tax and was admitted to the United States Tax Court. During those years I practiced as a tax lawyer with a mid-sized firm in Santa Ana.

But the draw of Eastern Madera County brought me back to Oakhurst in 1990 where I have since emphasized trusts, estates, probate, and elder law. My expertise and knowledge of all areas of law help me serve my clients with their estates, related tax issues, and issues surrounding the transfer of family wealth, however large or small.

I have four wonderful children Laura, Matt, Eric and Devon. Laura is practicing law in Oregon.

I believe that trust and experience are the key to serving your needs by providing good service at a reasonable price.

Stanford Alumni